Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teens not being able to express their feelings or thoughts??

Okay, Vanilla and Ali are busy at the moment but I thought I would post something up myself first. First I would like to say I am sorry we haven't been posting up as much as we should. We have all been busy so do please understand. So, as he title says, "Teens not being able to express their feelings or thoughts." I thought I would post up a post talking about teens thoughts and what not. So please join in and post up your thoughts and ideas. I would love nothing more then to hear from our readers out there.

For some teens it's like Speak for them. Have you ever read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson? About a girl named Melinda Sordino who is an outcast as a high school freshman due to reasons later revealed in the book. She also doesn't talk much in the book either. She keeps her thoughts to herself. Well for some teens it's exactly the same to them. They don't speak their opinions and keep highly to themselves.
I am one of them. I hardly speak my mind and really don't say much. I'm afraid that my thoughts will get me in trouble or something I'll say someone else will take the wrong way which always happens. That doesn't mean I give up trying to find a way to express myself in other ways. I can't express through clothes as some can. I wish I can but I can't. So I do so in music. I listen to music b.c it's my life. Music=life. I also do poems but sometimes I'm just to lazy to pick up a pen and paper to write.
So here's my first Q.
How do YOU express yourselves?
Do you speak your mind?
Or are you a Melinda Sordino like I am?
Why aren't you speaking your thoughts or what's on your mind?
For me it's because of adults. I'd rather not have to either 1: explain myself or 2: be talked down by some adult who thinks they can shun me b.c I'm a young teenager. But sometimes I'll manage to get in one word before I'm shut up.
So let's try this. Comment blew and tell me why YOU don't express yourself. Or maybe you do.-shrugs- Tell me it all in the comments and if your lucky I'll even comment back to you all((If I get notified which I probably will.))
Thanks for reading and we all love our fans/followers!


It's me, Cloe! ((vanilla)) Sorry I haven't been posting in a while....I really don't have an excuse ._.
But since Bella and I have been talking, we decided that we should post again, so here I am. c:
So on the subject of expressing ourselves, I think I should tell you a little about myself before I go in deep about representing yourselves.
So, I know that I am VERY different in school then I am at home or with my friends. But, regardless of where I am or who I'm with, I make sure that people know how I think and feel about things. No matter what we plan to do or where we plan to go, we always make sure that everyone wants to go there. And if they don't ask me, then I tell them. When I'm home, I am quite the same. I think of my family more as an extension of my friends, because we all joke around about things. Even if some of the topics are inappropriate to some, they are still very light-heart about it.
I know that some people have problems with speaking up, but for all the people like that, you need to know that if you don't say what's on your mind or make your presence known, then no one else will! People can't read minds, so it's good to tell them what you think. Even if you think it may hurt their feelings, because if they are your true friends they will understand and take your words in a better way.
So, that's my P.O.V., I hope it helped, or at least entertained you c:
~~♥, Vanilla~~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We Haven't Died

Heyyyy. It's Ali. Just posting to say that Cloe, Bella and I have not fallen off the face of the earth. We've just been busy with our hectic lives lately! So keep reading, keep commenting and keep following! We really appreciate it!! :D

Much love,

Friday, February 12, 2010

An ALI Update

Hey everyone. It's Ali. Ali Bella, for those who know me well. I just have a few things I wanted to update everyone on. I got my haircut. Like 2 weeks ago, but still. I love it. I got my learner's permit on Wednesday! Such an awesome day. I was so happy! And I got sparkly converse! I'm wearing them now. Totally love them!! (: Well the opening ceremonies for the olympics are tonight and I'm sooo stoked! Can't wait! I dunno if they can top 2008's though. That was awesome! I'm still super excited though! ^_^ I guess that's it. Be back later!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey, its Ali. I'm just writing this post to let all of our LOVELY followers that we aren't dead and that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. A new post will come shortly! And thanks for following! It means a ton! :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Its Cloe :) So, since school started, its been basicly manditory that we have book to read, so I went down to the Library and checked out a book. Let me just say that I like it better when the people tell you where to find a bok so you don't have to find it yourself lolz. So as I looked hoplessly through the Library, I came across a book called "Everlost". It looked interesting, so I read the back. Before I could finish, I was walking over to the checkout stand to check out the book. And here we are, and I'm almost finished! The book "Everlost" is very interesting, and have loved reading every page of it, from the tragic opening, to the suspensful journey, and to the heart stoping end of one of the greatest books I have ever read, and will most likely read again in a few years. :D

-->>Bella: wow that sounds like a great book...I think I'll check it out myself.Though I am reading Wuthering Heights.I was reading Twilight saga's and Bella was talking about Wuthering Heights and I thought I'd buy it off line.I got mine from B&N lol.So far may I say it's an okay book-nods-I'm still getting into it.But you all should check it out.

-->>Ali-hey everybody, its Ali. I am currently reading 3 books. 3 you ask? Yeah, i know right? How can I possibly read 3 books at the same time? well just do it carefully. Does that make sense? Anyways...I'm reading Wuthering Heights(With Bells), The Host and Twilight(yes, twilight again..for the 3rd time!) Wuthering Heights is quite good so far. It takes kind of a while to get into it, but once you do its a great book. Twilight is...well duh! Twilight is AWESOME!!! I'm on chapter 2 and its where Edward isn't at school at all and Bella is all sad. And then The Host is awesome too. Its by Stephenie as well so it has to be good. If you haven't read The Host yet, READ IT NOW!! Its awesome. Well I guess that's it for me everybody.

~Peace out!~
~Vanilla,Ali, & Bella~

Friday, September 4, 2009

School year.very busy?

Hey everyone,
Bella here.So me and Vanilla along with Ali have been thinking."Since school just started why not do a post about the beginning of school?" But we've all been so busy that we kind of forgot.But we're here now.So school is a drag. idk about you guys are you Cloe but school is a drag to me.Getting up early in the morning.But back to the real post here. How is school going for everyone? Cloe?...Ali? your school going great? What are all of you guys taking this yr? Me myself speaking >__> I'm taking Japanese,Portuguese, Holt Physics, and basically all the other stuff you guys are taking. how about you 2 Cloe?...Ali?

Its Cloe...... :) So where I am, school doesn't start till the eighth. I've bee talking a lot about it with my friends, to see what classes we have together. It seems like this year might actually be fun! My day starts off with art, which I think is really nice cause I like art a lot. As far as the teachers go, my block teacher is the sister of my teacher last year! Weird right? I know! I guess I'm weird, cause I like school :) most of the time, cause it's mostly fun. As far as waking up goes, I'm probably going to wake up at 8 :) I'm excited to see all my friends again!

Hey all, its Ali. I'm not in school right now(looong story) so I can't say that I'm really that busy. Which kinda sucks. Being busy is way more fun than not being busy. Anyways, wow! We haven't blogged since July 14th. OMG. Well we're back and we hope to be back more often! (: Well i mean, at least I do. I like As Told By Teens and the background is just awesome! Hmm...what else? I guess that's it

Bella here...I guess that was...okay I guess okay since we're all new about this blog thing we're kind of slow here.But please stay with us and check back next time for a NEW topic.


Friday, July 10, 2009


>>My name is Bella and I'm 15yr-old.My favorite color is pink,I'm am to a huge fan of M.J just like Cloe here lolz.I'm funny,unique,random, and sweet.

>>My name is Ali and my favorite color is orange and im totally in love with twilight and the dark knight ESPECIALLY the Joker! ummm and i love blogging! i guess thats it

>>I'm Cloe, and my favorite color is purple cause its sexy! I loooooooove Michael Jackson in scary ways :) Imma spazz

Bella>>This blog is about multiple topics.As being all teens on this blog we'll go from many topics such as Abusive Relationships,Eating disorders,SI, and more to come.Me being the head admin,Ali being the second and Vanilla being the third we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on our new blog.

Cloe>>This is my first time writing in a blog, so most of the time I have Bella help me. She's so nice. :) So what we are talking about on here is really anything, as life issues to random things, and everything in between! You should join our blog because its awesome :D

Bella>>We all hope you enjoy our blog.Thank you
~Bella,Cloe, and Ali~