Friday, July 10, 2009


>>My name is Bella and I'm 15yr-old.My favorite color is pink,I'm am to a huge fan of M.J just like Cloe here lolz.I'm funny,unique,random, and sweet.

>>My name is Ali and my favorite color is orange and im totally in love with twilight and the dark knight ESPECIALLY the Joker! ummm and i love blogging! i guess thats it

>>I'm Cloe, and my favorite color is purple cause its sexy! I loooooooove Michael Jackson in scary ways :) Imma spazz

Bella>>This blog is about multiple topics.As being all teens on this blog we'll go from many topics such as Abusive Relationships,Eating disorders,SI, and more to come.Me being the head admin,Ali being the second and Vanilla being the third we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on our new blog.

Cloe>>This is my first time writing in a blog, so most of the time I have Bella help me. She's so nice. :) So what we are talking about on here is really anything, as life issues to random things, and everything in between! You should join our blog because its awesome :D

Bella>>We all hope you enjoy our blog.Thank you
~Bella,Cloe, and Ali~