Sunday, September 27, 2009


Its Cloe :) So, since school started, its been basicly manditory that we have book to read, so I went down to the Library and checked out a book. Let me just say that I like it better when the people tell you where to find a bok so you don't have to find it yourself lolz. So as I looked hoplessly through the Library, I came across a book called "Everlost". It looked interesting, so I read the back. Before I could finish, I was walking over to the checkout stand to check out the book. And here we are, and I'm almost finished! The book "Everlost" is very interesting, and have loved reading every page of it, from the tragic opening, to the suspensful journey, and to the heart stoping end of one of the greatest books I have ever read, and will most likely read again in a few years. :D

-->>Bella: wow that sounds like a great book...I think I'll check it out myself.Though I am reading Wuthering Heights.I was reading Twilight saga's and Bella was talking about Wuthering Heights and I thought I'd buy it off line.I got mine from B&N lol.So far may I say it's an okay book-nods-I'm still getting into it.But you all should check it out.

-->>Ali-hey everybody, its Ali. I am currently reading 3 books. 3 you ask? Yeah, i know right? How can I possibly read 3 books at the same time? well just do it carefully. Does that make sense? Anyways...I'm reading Wuthering Heights(With Bells), The Host and Twilight(yes, twilight again..for the 3rd time!) Wuthering Heights is quite good so far. It takes kind of a while to get into it, but once you do its a great book. Twilight is...well duh! Twilight is AWESOME!!! I'm on chapter 2 and its where Edward isn't at school at all and Bella is all sad. And then The Host is awesome too. Its by Stephenie as well so it has to be good. If you haven't read The Host yet, READ IT NOW!! Its awesome. Well I guess that's it for me everybody.

~Peace out!~
~Vanilla,Ali, & Bella~

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