Friday, September 4, 2009

School year.very busy?

Hey everyone,
Bella here.So me and Vanilla along with Ali have been thinking."Since school just started why not do a post about the beginning of school?" But we've all been so busy that we kind of forgot.But we're here now.So school is a drag. idk about you guys are you Cloe but school is a drag to me.Getting up early in the morning.But back to the real post here. How is school going for everyone? Cloe?...Ali? your school going great? What are all of you guys taking this yr? Me myself speaking >__> I'm taking Japanese,Portuguese, Holt Physics, and basically all the other stuff you guys are taking. how about you 2 Cloe?...Ali?

Its Cloe...... :) So where I am, school doesn't start till the eighth. I've bee talking a lot about it with my friends, to see what classes we have together. It seems like this year might actually be fun! My day starts off with art, which I think is really nice cause I like art a lot. As far as the teachers go, my block teacher is the sister of my teacher last year! Weird right? I know! I guess I'm weird, cause I like school :) most of the time, cause it's mostly fun. As far as waking up goes, I'm probably going to wake up at 8 :) I'm excited to see all my friends again!

Hey all, its Ali. I'm not in school right now(looong story) so I can't say that I'm really that busy. Which kinda sucks. Being busy is way more fun than not being busy. Anyways, wow! We haven't blogged since July 14th. OMG. Well we're back and we hope to be back more often! (: Well i mean, at least I do. I like As Told By Teens and the background is just awesome! Hmm...what else? I guess that's it

Bella here...I guess that was...okay I guess okay since we're all new about this blog thing we're kind of slow here.But please stay with us and check back next time for a NEW topic.


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